S.L Bawa D.A.V College, Batala, a prestigious institution of higher learning was founded in 1971, by D.A.V. College Trust and Management Society which has completed one hundred and twenty years of service in the field of education in the country. The college is imparting education to the rural and urban youth of this area.

Under the dynamic leadership of President, DAVCMC Sh. Punam Suri, college has grown into a grand banyan tree putting forth new leaves and branches and making all round progress. The college now has strength of about 1500 students, 70 teaching & 35 non-teaching staff members. It runs the faculties of Commerce, Science, Computer Science and Humanities.

The college has a big, beautiful, well maintained and well equipped campus. Specially note-worthy are sprawling lawns, a big Playground, an up to date Library, a large spacious hall and modern Laboratories. The college has digital language lab equipped with audio-visual installation used as aid in modern language teaching.

The well qualified and dedicated staff makes through a synthesis of the modern and the traditional system of education. Drawing inspiration from Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the teacher help the students to retain their cultural heritage while advancing towards modern education. Care is also taken that the students participate in sports and extracurricular activities so that they evolve into fit, confident and courageous citizens of the country.

The focus of all our activities in this college is the student since we believe that the real wealth of a nation lies in its human resources. The students are therefore, encouraged to use all the institutional facilities, both human and physical, in pursuing their education for the realization of their own potential. The very environs of the College are motivation enough for this pursuit.