NSS activities aim at inculcating a sense of participation among students in nation building programmes which are oriented basically towards social work, social welfare and development. Students get an opportunity to participate in programmes such as eradication of illiteracy, tree plantation, voluntary health service, agricultural development, National Integration Campaign and campaign against female foeticide. As highlighted by the motto ‘NOT FOR ME, BUT FOR THE NATION ‘, the aim of the organization is to produce engineers who are socially responsible and work for the all round development of the nation.

NSS volunteers work with villages, slums and voluntary agencies to complete 120 hours of regular during an academic year. These activities help in propagation of message of small family norms, health, education, small saving drives etc. The organisation of camps at villages helps the villagers to generate awareness for social- economic development. During the academic year, one day NSS camps, Blood donation camps were organized.

The college has two units of NSS for boys and girls. NSS volunteers are enrolled at the beginning of the session, NSS units function under the guidance of Prof. Rajiv Mehta (Dept. Of Computer Science) and Prof. Shruti Viz( Dept. of Commerce) and Prof. Sukhwinder Singh(Dept.Of Computer Science).

This year, NSS Units of the college organized a number of activities related to the overall development of the students with the aim to inculcate a sense of responsibility and brotherhood amongst them. These activities are focused on social services and awareness drives which help in elevating the masses.


  • To enrich the student’s personality and deepen her understanding of the social environment in which she lives.
  • To develop socio economic awareness and encourage the students to impart the same to the illiterate community of the area adopted.
  • To develop socio economic activities designed to tackle social problems.


The college awards concessions and incentives to the best NSS Volunteers. The volunteers get additional 3 percent marks in aggregate for seeking admission to higher class after graduation.