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President’s message On 26.03.2020

Dear Brothers and sisters, 
          Sitting with my iPad, I could not resist thanking you for all the measures that you have taken to break the growth chain of human enemy no 1, Corona Virus.I also must thank you for the quick adaptation and the transition to “On Line Teaching” methods and the “Work from Home” concept.  The Directors, ROs, AROs, Principals, the teaching & non teaching staff have proven to the world that DAV is conscientious of the requirements of the society and as always, has a positive response to meet any challenges.  For the last 133 years, DAV has served humanity whenever any National or Natural calamity has demanded.  While thanking you, I feel humbled at the thought that I too serve this great Nation along with you.
                                  पड़ा रहने दे किसी कोने में, ए माली,
                                  काँटा ही सही, मिला तो हूँ गुलिस्ताँ में ।
         While the Schools are busy with their “On Line Teaching” methods, I feel we should keep in mind that our child is as afraid as the adults are, for the fear of the unknown.  It is for the first time that independent Bharat has faced a three-week long curfew, hence the Schools, God Willing, will reopen on the 15th April 2020. Such a long time to be cooped up in a small house, can tell on the psyche of a child.  It is very difficult for him to understand why he cannot go out to meet his friends nor can his friends come to him.  He may become restless and become a problem at home.  The parents may notice some behavioral changes – Some tantrums, some aggression, some unnatural behaviour.  Some may even turn towards the unmentionable side of Internet.
         The most important thing is to keep the children gainfully employed, in touch with their studies, and yet feel relaxed.   So it becomes our job, not only to start on line learning classes but also to help the parents in better child management. You should open a dialogue with the parents (maybe through WhatsApp or e-mail) to explain to them to use this time for closer family bonding.  May be a parent can start a hobby with his child.  Creating something together with his parent can make a  child feel loved and wanted in the house.
         I know I am demanding a lot from you.  But in these demanding times, a lot can be demanded; and as we all know, that in DAV, reward for good work, is more work.  I m putting weight on the shoulders that I know can carry.
        So let us stay indoors, stay healthy, and stay safe.  Remember, the future of this great country is today in your classrooms.  Look after yourself so that the future of my Country remains safe & secure.
         May God Bless you! I will be praying for you.
Yours, in prayer,
Punam Suri
DAV College Managing Committee,
and Arya Pradeshik Pratinidhi Sabha.

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